Security Culture as a Service

How we keep you protected

Our approach to security awareness training puts your employees in the center.

Real-world Training

Train your employees in a real-world environment by sending them simulated phishing emails tailored to each individual role and skill-level.

Tailored Learning

Training is personalized for each individual and their skill level and role in the organization. Learning becomes interesting and enjoyable at every level.

Micro Lessons

Follow up each phishing simulation with a microlesson explaining how to detect such threats in the future.

Measured Progress

Use detailed real-time data on your employees' ability to withstand threats to measure improvements to your security.


Increase your organization-wide reporting of real phishing attempts by orders of magnitude, and handle threats real-time in our console.


Integrate our solution with your in-house or cloud architecture. We support a wide range of providers.


Send simulated phishing emails with the latest threats to your employees.


Users report on phishing attempts by clicking HEED button in their email client.


Progress is tracked and users get feedback on their development.


Micro lessons are given to employees so that they learn how to recognize different phishing attempts.


Increase reported phishing attempts and secure your organization.

You need a new way of doing cybersecurity training

Threats are evolving rapidly in both sophistication and volume. The old way is no longer effective. You need a new way of preparing your employees.
Old way
MethodContinuous trainingSeldom and easily forgotten
MaterialRealistic training with latest threatsQuickly outdated and irrelevant
Training SystemAutomatic and effortlessManual and laborious
FeedbackReal-time data on skill levelsLittle or no data
PersonalisationTailored to individual needsSame for everyone
CultureEnjoyable game of self-improvementFocus on failure

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